Race directors are: Patrick and Hillary Danaher…giving all credit to their trail scouting crew (shown below) and the zillions of volunteers it takes to make Trail Running great.



Sammie and Stella (left) are the latest additions to the crew. They are not only sisters to each other, they are also sisters of Bellatrix. Stella is the more adventurous of the two…Sammie is a bit of a rule follower. Both are working on trail running skills…so far they haven’t exactly embraced the idea of “pacing themselves…”



Bellatrix (solo pic) (retired) claims all rights to any titles previously held by others. In her short 18 months of life, she surpassed the others in distance, multi sport abilities, stamina, and all around trail running style. She added a brand new spark to the trails, and is shown here scouting your LTS Highway H trailhead.


Although Rocky (middle) (retired) was once the youngest member of our crew, his demanding personality can be relentless, making him a strong Chief of Operations. The Rock has a running style all his own due to a puppy injury that never healed properly. His stamina had been unparalleled until now, although he is not terribly interested in trails with water crossings. Favorite recovery food: pizza.

As certain as the sun rises and sets, you can count on Seamus (left) (retired) to greet you with unbridled enthusiasm, lending itself well to his position as Social Coordinator. Seamus excels at bursting with speed across the finish and could sniff out a water crossing in the middle of the Sahara. Greatest running challenge: hurdling downed trees along the trail. 

Our Head of Trail Security, Luna (right), takes her position quite seriously. Luna prefers to lead the pack on trail runs, and is the keeper of the light when darkness falls over the trail. She is rarely distracted from her duties by the others, always maintaining a strong pace alongside her vigilant watch. She is not above resorting to trickery when keeping the others in line. Recovery plan: find all the soft blankets and pillows possible and make a nice dog nest to rest in. For two days.

From our FAQ page:

Are dogs allowed at TDR races?

We DID have one race that dogs and their owners ran together on September 28, 2014. It was called the Wild Dog Dash 5K, and it was a lot of fun. Current races don’t include that one, however… all our races are for runners with two legs (and no leashes!).